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保健事業と医療費との関連 ―健康保険組合の保健施設事業の評価―

Nakase, Katsumi
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With the rapid increase in medical costs, insured employees and employers have had to pay higher premiums in Japan. As a result, many health insurance schemes are providing health services not only to improve the health condition of the employees but also to reduce medical costs. A questionnaire study on health services provided by employees' health insurance schemes was carried out, and the relationship between the activities of health services and medical costs was analyzed.The schemes provided different kinds of health services such as physical fitness programs, information services, and gymnastic facilities. The highest correlation was found between the mean age of the insured employees, and the second highest correlation was found between the total costs for health services and the medical expenditure. The items of health services relating to medical expenditure differed according to the mean age of insured employees. The health services among the schemes for younger employees were effective in reducing medical costs, while no significant correlation between health services and medical expenditure was observed among the schemes for elder employees.