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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

小児の母親付き添いによる入院が家族に及ぼす影響 ―家に残された同胞の精神面への影響―

Ohta, Niwa
Ono, Tsuruko
Ohta, Takeo
Matsui, Yumiko
The self administered questionnaire survey by mail was done by 135 mothers having been away from their home in order to take care of their children treated at the university hospital and having left her other children at home. Data on the psychosomatic changes of 172 children cared for by persans other than their mothers during their mothers' absence were obtained. The relationship between psychosomatic influences on these children and the situation they were put in was statitically analysed by X(2) test and multivariate analysis with Hayashi's type 2 quantification. The results showed that whether there was an influence on children or not was affected by some factors such as their age, who took care of them and the duration of the mothers' absence. According to their ages, a variety of different psychosomatic influences was found. The most frequent influences are emotional ones (69.1%), followed by behavioral ones (18.6%) including 8 cases of children refusing to go to school or nursery school. These findings are instructive for nurses who give advice to mothers in such situation.