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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

看護学生の対話場面における発言内容の検討 ―ロールプレイング場面の分析を通して―

Ono, Thuruko
Kawashima, Kazuko
Role playing of patient-nurse relationship done by nursing student in order to practise communication skills. All the lines spoken by students playing as nurses in seventy-three scenes were analysed and classified by Snyder's categories. The results obtaind were as follows; 1) Average time required to for one scene was 6 minutes 35 seconds, and the speechs by the students average 21.5 time for this time. 2) Lead taking categorise occupied 51.9% of total linse spoken, directive counseling categorise 19.5% and non directive responce to feeling categories 17.4%. Seventy-nine% of lead taking categories were specific type question. 3) When speechs between a patient and nurse progressed well, technique of restatement of content or problem was frequently used, compared to poorly progressed spech. 4) It was concluded that the role playing method is effective for students' learning communication skills.
Communication Skills
Roleplaying Exersice
Patient-nurse Relationship
Snyder's categories
Nursing Student