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Which is the true cercana of Paragonimus mexicanus?

Tongu, Yasumasa
The true cercaria of Paragonimus mexicanus is the cercaria reported by Malek et al. in 1985 as a cercaria of P. peruvianus. However, there is a question whether the flame cell formula of 2〔(3+3+3+3+3)+(3+3+3+3+3)〕=60 is justified. Therefore, I question the possibility of the cercaria of P. mexicanus reported by Ito et al. in 1985. If it has a pseudo-sucker, it belongs to another species of Paragonimus cercaria. The cercaria reported by Tongu et al. in 1990 from Venezuela was eliminated the possibility of a new species. It is probable that this cercaria belongs to P. mexicanus. Ibanez revived the name of P. peruvianus in 1990 by the differences in the cercaria and adults. However, I disagree with his opinion.
Paragonimus mexicanus (メキシコ肺吸虫)
Paragonimus peruvianus (ペルー肺吸虫)
cercaria (セルカリア)
taxonomy (分類)
Latin America (中南米)