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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

Breast dosimetry system in screen/film mammography

Nakagiri, Yoshitada
Sugita, Katsuhiko
Kadohisa, Shigefumi
The average glandular dose to glandular tissue m mammography is generally assumed to be a function of beam quality (HVL), x-ray tube target material, tube voltage, breast thickness, breast composition and, to a lesser extent, x-ray tube voltage waveform. The average glandular dose is generally determined from published tables with knowledge of the above function. Tables for a high frequency x-ray generator are not yet published. In our study, the lookup tables for the average glandular dose were made at 28 kV (high frequency x-ray generator), employing a breast simulating tissue (0-100% adipose tissue, 0-100% glandular tissue) phantom for an Mo target - Mo filter source assembly. We tried to estimate breast composition from x-ray mammograms by digital image processing techniques, also using the simulating tissue phantom. Then the system that automatically calculates the average glandular dose from digitized clinical x-ray mammograms was built. It is considered that this system can contribute to objective evaluation of the average glandular dose.
Screen/Film Mammography (スクリーン/フィルム乳房撮影法)
Breast composition (乳房構成)
Average glandular dose (平均乳腺線量)
Entrance skin exposure (皮膚入射線量)
Breast-equivalent material phantom (乳房組織等価ファントム)