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Nakagiri, Yoshitada
Sibuya, Koichi
Sugita, Katsuhiko
Sonoyama, Masayo
Morioka, Yasuki
Inamura, Keiji
Tahara, Seiji
Uno, Hirofumi
Kadohisa, Shigefumi
Inoue, Tatsuya
Hiraki, Yoshio
Patient dose is important consideration in the radiological examination and our environment regarding radiation. Many studies have been published about patient dose, but those data were classified by each organ or tissue. Actuarially, patient dose should be checked by each examined part of patient and each exposure equipment. In this paper, we measured absorbed dose at the depth of 0-200mm with the Mix-DP phantom. The phantom is made by tissue equivalent meterial and is designed to similitude abdominal part. Percentage Depth Dose (PDD) was calculated from these doses. Three single-phase generators and three three-phases generators were used in this measurement. These measurements were analyzed by each equipment, and consequently the clear difference of PDD between the exposure equipments was not found. As the result, we can estimate patient dose at a random depth by using PDD. Furthermore, we can easily know patient dose from the tube-voltage and current time product by the calculation including PDD.These data are very useful to manager patient dose on radiological diagnosis.
医用放射線被曝 (patient dose)
X線撮影条件 (X-ray exposure)
線量測定 (Radiation dosimetry)