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岡山大学教育学部研究集録 (1号-137号)

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Okayama, Mari
The purpose of this study was to identify the causal relation between ego identity and occupational cognitions, by use of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). It utilized a Multidimensional Ego Identity Scale (MEIS; Tani, 2001) from the viewpoint of trait theory. A questionnaire was administered to 1,235 junior college students as they began their second year in childcare worker training courses. The results of SEM suggested that (1) sense of identity increased students’ understanding of childcare work, and feeling of fitness to work in childcare; (2) feeling of fitness increased anticipation of enhanced feelings of satisfaction, and interest; (3) interest increased commitment with regard to childcare work and intention to continue with childcare; and (4) understanding of childcare work increased commitment.
Ego identity
Occupational cognition
Childcare worker training