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Ibaraki, Makiko
Fuchigami, Katsuyoshi Kaken ID publons
This study is an overview of the developments in interdepartmental cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration between school systems and also between counselors and non-teaching staff at the elementary, junior high and high school levels from a psychological and pedagogical perspective. Strategies under examination will include cooperation between management and also between technical and non-teaching staff, school system development, establishing and maintaining a cooperative mood and building a communicative spirit at school. In addition, we will look at majors and specializations of non-teaching staff and leadership qualitative of principals (and head masters).Few researchers have emphasized the combined study of school management and psychology. In this paper, I hope to highlight more ideas related to the specializations of staff as a parameter of systematized cooperation.
School counselor
Cooperation and collaboration
Homogeneity Cooperation
Special collaboration